Moralistic [adjective]

Definition of Moralistic:

ethical, honest

Opposite/Antonyms of Moralistic:

Sentence/Example of Moralistic:

See how the moralistic note is struck in the field of political satire.

It is too melodramatic, too moralistic perhaps to suit our modern taste.

Are you inclined to be moralistic, dogmatic, critical, or judgmental?

How tight-shut, how moralistic, how overbearing these intellectuals with a mission!

Another source of misunderstanding is the confusion of beauty with moralistic values.

It is tragic that some would-be Christians, like Mrs. Strait, become so moralistic that they condemn rather than help people.

The moralistic conception of the gospel as a “law of liberty,” the very phrase recalling the expression of Barn.

Moralistic persons are given to escaping this evil by falling into another pit.

Or conscientiousness—what was above described as the moralistic view.

Carlyle remained a Puritan, without any dogmatic beliefs except a kind of moralistic pantheism.