Moralized [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Moralized:

It is easy for persons with plenty of money to moralize on the shortcomings of others.

If I do not moralize as I go along, I shall not have a chance to do it any where else.

They were not here to moralize—they had something else to do.

Here we might moralize if we had the room, but moralizing is out of the question.

So he watched the woman gravely, and began to moralize with all his might.

He was forever at this business; it was his nature to teach, to preach, to moralize.

Usually silent and absorbed, it was not his gift to moralize or declaim.

Only with regret can a writer forbear to moralize on this subject.

We will not stop the reader to moralize on this disastrous event.

For the first time that summer I began to moralize a little.