Moralizing [adjective]

Definition of Moralizing:

offering moral advice

Synonyms of Moralizing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Moralizing:


Sentence/Example of Moralizing:

She was not moralizing; at least it was unlike any moralizing that they had ever heard.

Wordsworth's "Kitten and the Falling Leaves," is in the high, moralizing style.

He was thinking and paying little attention to the Cahoon moralizing.

For the next hour there was no opportunity for moralizing or melancholy.

And with this profound bit of moralizing, he sipped his glass in revery.

And so moralizing, he gave her his arm as he reentered the house.

You'll perhaps ask me what has all this moralizing to do with women and ships at sea?

But a truce to moralizing; for we are approaching the Golden Gate.

Here we might moralize if we had the room, but moralizing is out of the question.

I am moralizing—the one thing I have been trying to avoid all through my tale.