Morally [adverb]

Definition of Morally:

in accordance with accepted standards of conduct

Synonyms of Morally:

Opposite/Antonyms of Morally:

Sentence/Example of Morally:

That shows you what life in a great city does for the morally weak.

If Ben was morally guilty, he was forced into his guilt by law and general custom.

I am as morally sure it was them, sir, as I am that I be alive.

His main defence, of course, is that Clarissa is morally valuable.

The sum was nearly equal to that which Bagley had morally defrauded him of.

He holds that the human race is deteriorating mentally and morally.

But physically, I fancy that it applies more obviously than it does morally.

What do I know sympathetically, morally, of either of these worlds of life?

I am morally certain that she is with her sister at Howards End.

Soon's he got the report as to who he was, he was morally sartin that he was the thief.