Morass [noun]

Definition of Morass:

bog; mess

Synonyms of Morass:

Opposite/Antonyms of Morass:

Sentence/Example of Morass:

The street had been transformed into a morass of sticky mud by the storm.

O, into what a morass of sin has he not fallen, and every moment he goes deeper!

Just at the mouth of it there was a morass filled with gad-flies and other poisonous insects.

On the way he had to pass a long and weary waste of heath and morass.

A guide had been found who would guide the army across the morass.

But the Sons of Usna found themselves entrapped in a morass where the water had been.

It stands with the scanty fields attached as an island in a sea of morass.

While they were in this predicament the preacher rode up to the edge of the morass.

He knew every inch of the land, the river, the morass, and the commanding hill.

It was surrounded by a morass, and approachable only by two narrow causeways.