Morbidly [adverb]

Definition of Morbidly:


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Sentence/Example of Morbidly:

I was well aware of the morbidly sensitive nature of the man.

She was stricken, and sensitive—so morbidly sensitive—to pity, to gossip.

He was sympathetic to actual pain, and had always been morbidly in awe of death.

But he was morbidly suspicious that every man's hand was turned against him.

The meeting, which he had morbidly dreaded, had brought him no comfort.

It was, simply, that Mary was morbidly, madly jealous of him.

Poor Fanny was morbidly sensitive, always imagining insults.

But the morbidly acute Bert, if he saw, said nothing, and Anson did not see.

The fact was that he was morbidly self-conscious about his altered appearance.

The morbidly gloomy one moment often shout madly on the next.