More [adjective]

Definition of More:

additional, greater

Synonyms of More:

Opposite/Antonyms of More:



Sentence/Example of More:

She left me more composed and happy than I have been for many days.

For more than an hour, there was perfect stillness, as the shades of evening deepened.

But Avice is—er—my dear, she is like her mother in more ways than one.

Dad and the mater both say the same now—they're more severe than I was.

More than one of these precious volumes were transcribed entirely by her own hand.

For his sake, I am glad once more to be in my own happy home.

They laid Paralus upon a couch, with the belief that he slept to wake no more.

"It has but given them more unbridled license,'" rejoined Plato.

When he did go it was always understood to be positively for not more than two weeks.

I have more than once tried to deceive you, but you will feel that I am not now speaking falsely.