Mores [noun]

Definition of Mores:

traditional customs

Synonyms of Mores:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mores:

Sentence/Example of Mores:

Philosophers do not wholly detach themselves from the mores of their race.

There are three things at least, as regards our mores that cannot be accomplished.

Nothing can ever change them but the unconscious and imperceptible movement of the mores.

No less remarkable than the persistency of the mores is their changeableness and variation.

It is against our mores that ecclesiastics should interfere with those interests.

The traveler also experiences the change from life in one set of mores to life in another.

The aberrant forms then cease to be, and the mores become uniform.

Humanitarianism has permeated our mores and has been a fountain of phrases.

If the life conditions do not change, there is no reason at all why the mores should change.

It is when they are free and form a large community that they live by their own mores.