Morgue [noun]

Definition of Morgue:


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Sentence/Example of Morgue:

Who would have thought of public fickleness even at the Morgue?

Laurent understood that he had taken too long a look at Camille at the Morgue.

The next day, on entering the Morgue, he received a violent shock in the chest.

I went back to the Morgue and made some inquiries of the attendant there.

This building was later converted into a hospital and morgue.

"Or down in the morgue there," Selingman grunted, pointing down to Monaco.

That visit to the Morgue was enough to give anybody the blind staggers.

There's no river in this town; no institution called the Morgue?

Those that were not recognized were carried on stretchers to the Morgue.

When the corpse was conveyed to the morgue a man entered in search of some relatives.