Moribund [adjective]

Definition of Moribund:


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Sentence/Example of Moribund:

More than the population of the moribund city, at least as Harkaman remembered it.

"You can tell my country, sir, that I died willingly," panted the moribund.

I saw for myself the return of life to a body that was moribund.

Together the two works are an epitome of modern and moribund Iran.

Surely it was time to infuse new blood into the veins of the moribund art.

And yet let it not be supposed that Islam in India is either dead or moribund.

He countered his questioner: 'Just to liberate you from your moribund state, my friend.'

Only the rescue party came out, one carrying a moribund cat.

The weather is not very propitious for that moribund scoundrel.

It is a sentence of death or (it may be) of new life to all moribund nationalities.