Morn [noun]

Definition of Morn:


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Sentence/Example of Morn:

He is aged for such a journey, if you came from the Forest since morn.

The morn's mornin' cam, an' by that time I had decided on my plan o' operautions.

After hailing the morn with this second salutation, he threw a boot at the woman as a third.

There is not a blacksmith but is at his forge from morn to night at work upon pike-heads.

And he himself resuscitated amidst the childhood of the morn.

It was his wont not only to "sleep like a top all night," but also to "sleep at morn."

However, the sea's free to all men, lads, and the morn will show.

And you”––surveying her face, which had the freshness of morn––“look younger!

Some days there have been processions and bell-ringing from morn to eve.

What Englishman issues forth at morn, without one beneath his arm?