Moroseness [noun]

Definition of Moroseness:

harshness; bad temper

Synonyms of Moroseness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Moroseness:

Sentence/Example of Moroseness:

His temper was of the saturnine complexion, and without the least taint of moroseness.

Too long had he cultivated reticence, aloofness, and moroseness.

He would lose his moroseness and give his undivided attention to her.

It did not amount to moroseness; he was preoccupied, and his mind abstracted.

Yes, May thought, it was moroseness; he was unhappy, and no wonder.

May wondered whether his reticence was due to modesty or to moroseness.

Dear young reader, do not imagine that we plead in favour of moroseness or gloom.

It was the intensity of his thoughts that kept him silent—not moroseness.

If now I seem myself to fear it, it is not from moroseness, it is not from insensibility to its charm——'

Upon examination he proved to be reticent even to moroseness.