Mortars [noun]

Definition of Mortars:

thick, gooey material that hardens

Synonyms of Mortars:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mortars:


Sentence/Example of Mortars:

These must all be pounded fine in a mortar, and well mixed and sifted.

Pound the veal also in a mortar, adding butter to it by degrees.

Beat them all separately in a mortar, and then mix them well together.

I prefer the philosophy of bricks and mortar to the philosophy of turnips.

He described them as large cities with houses made of stone and mortar.

With them in truth, is unknown even the use of mortar and of tiles.

But there are passages here, of which Khalid can say, ‘The Mortar at least is mine.’

Put the whole contents of the frying-pan into a mortar and pound well.

Wash some roots of sorrel quite clean, bruise them in a mortar, and steep them in white wine vinegar for two or three days.

Boil it enough, then break it into flakes on the dish; pour over it parsnips boiled, beaten in a mortar, and boiled up with cream.