Mortgage [noun]

Definition of Mortgage:

loan agreement

Synonyms of Mortgage:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mortgage:


Sentence/Example of Mortgage:

That's all we want the new marsh for--just to clear off the mortgage.

It's Bill that bled me, and bled me until I've had to soak a mortgage on the ranch.

Father can't refuse to mortgage; why doesn't he write to me?

"He wants to talk with you about a mortgage," I said bluntly.

Many a holder of a second mortgage has been left to hold the sack.

House of God, a building with a steeple and a mortgage on it.

We've paid off the last cent of the mortgage, and the farm is all free and clear.

He was left with his mother to take care on, an' a mortgage to work off.

His blood might pay off a mortgage or send a son to college.

Suppose it is covered with a mortgage, if she is all you say, you two can work it off.