Mortuary [noun]

Definition of Mortuary:

funeral home

Synonyms of Mortuary:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mortuary:


Sentence/Example of Mortuary:

I've got to go to the trunk-room for her at this hour, and it next door to the mortuary!

A mortuary, a dissecting-chamber, or a pantomime property-room?

A reference to the mortuary tables removes all doubt on this point.

This was received with acclaim, but many objected to the mortuary theory.

Vassily knew about the bags, and that was why the mortuary served his purposes.

His father had been killed, and his body, charred and disfigured, lay in the mortuary.

And he had a mortuary look, too, which was in keeping with the place.

They bore them to the mortuary, and those who loved them sat and wept alone.

I went to the mortuary, and found him there with Dr. Barber.

After lying in the mortuary for eleven days the body was buried.