Mosey [verb]

Definition of Mosey:


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Sentence/Example of Mosey:

If he's lively, it's betther to be that, than a mosey, any day.

"I reckon I'll just mosey over to the desert," drawled the fidgety man.

Then he'll mosey down the hilltop to see if anything is on his trail.

It's up to you, to-morrow mornin', to mosey round an' see what you can see.

Mrs. Mosey put her handkerchief in her pocket, and asserted her dignity.

"Very good of you, I'm sure," Mrs. Mosey answered ironically.

Mrs. Mosey could not forget that she had been (no matter how politely) requested to withdraw.

If there is any change, Mrs. Mosey—either for the better or the worse—of course you will let me know?

All right; I'll just mosey along up the trail after a while.

I must mosey up to the North End to see a man who has got a lovely throat.