Moss [noun]

Definition of Moss:

flowerless plant

Synonyms of Moss:





Opposite/Antonyms of Moss:


Sentence/Example of Moss:

Then the snowdrop sang a lullaby about the moss that loved the violet.

He had on a pair of moss trousers, and his coat was a yellow gorse flower.

The unknown, lurking in the midst of the sticks and moss, was savagely clutching him by the nose.

In summer there was nothing to exercise the mind of Mr. Moss.

Mr. Moss was disentangling the crick in his back for the last time that day.

It was a six-foot drop, but he came down noiselessly into a bed of moss.

The rain had worn its edges, and moss was slowly eating into it.

Others have the appearance of stone, moss, and shells, in every variety of color.

The foundation is made of moss plastered into a mass and saddled on a limb.

The base of one of the plants in Figure 138 is covered with the moss in which they grew.