Mossback [noun]

Definition of Mossback:

old-fashioned person

Synonyms of Mossback:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mossback:


Sentence/Example of Mossback:

There is the "old" farmer, there is the "new" farmer, and there is the "mossback."

Every "new" farmer when full grown competes with every mossback.

The mossback cannot win, because he prefers a flintlock to a Mauser.

You cannot have the new farmer unless you also have the mossback.

Fig. 239 shows a mossback's house or cabin in the lake lands of Canada.

Especially was this true in dealing with the riverman's arch-enemy, the mossback.

Bennington gave the details in less than a minute, then added, "Thanks, Mossback."

They kept the staid, mossback citizen awake in the afternoons and he did not like it.

The mossback was wide awake now, and he muttered something about "another of those pesky porkies."

The mossback threw a stick of stove-wood at him, and he lumbered clumsily away across the snow.