Mossy [adjective]

Definition of Mossy:


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Sentence/Example of Mossy:

It is found only occasionally on mossy hillsides, where there are not too many leaves.

They are found on mossy banks where it is more or less damp.

She rose from the mossy log and accompanied him without another word.

They had halted by the fence now, and Isabel's hand was on the mossy rail.

It is a grassy and a mossy town that gathers about the Russian chapel.

It was covered with mossy hillocks, and with a short grass, meagre but sweet.

Moya was sitting on a mossy rock with a magazine in her hand, but she was not reading.

Also, the vegetation was different, mossy on this side, grassy on that.

The mossy glen was behind them, and all around was the deep silence of the woods.

So beautiful is not the mossy fountain That sings like bard and nourishes like mother!