Moth [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Moth:

Harvests perished like a moth that is singed in a candle-flame.

She had been to an orph—to a place once with Moth—with Her and seen the aprons herself.

Her mood was all obsessed now with the conviction that this was the end to her life of a moth.

The moth of this destructive caterpillar is called Leucania unipuncta.

I have told you often how the palace in Florence is shabby, eaten up with moth and rust.

The bullet and the moth have torn And riddled well the dolmans dim.

But when the moth saw his candle he brightened, and fluttered over to it.

This was the question for which the sprite had stopped the moth.

As I said to myself, I was a moth, I wanted to play with fire.

What, then, was the fluttering of the moth but a monstrous intimation.