Motherland [noun]

Definition of Motherland:

one's native country

Synonyms of Motherland:

Opposite/Antonyms of Motherland:


Sentence/Example of Motherland:

The French army surrendered, and part of it was shipped back to the motherland.

Their passionate devotion to their faith is only rivalled by their passionate devotion to the Motherland.

Every inch of our motherland regained is sweet and precious to us.

A crown is woven for our motherland: Is it life's laurels or the martyr's thorns?

It followed, of course, that the motherland was superior to her children overseas.

"Floods in their motherland," the Secretary of Defense told the President.

His picture had been flashed across the length and breadth of the motherland.

He came down near what had been the border of the motherland and Poland.

The cold war enemy has kidnapped your fiancee and taken her to their motherland.

Most of them live in Kerman Yezd on the soil of their motherland.