Motif [noun]

Definition of Motif:

central theme

Synonyms of Motif:

Opposite/Antonyms of Motif:


Sentence/Example of Motif:

I thought that you of all people could work out that motif adequately.

The motif of the work is most beautifully and pathetically represented.

It complimentarily introduces a hint or two of Wagner's Grail motif.

We have then to allow for the growth of a mythology with the twelve signs as its motif.

Boudins characteristic was not of colour alone, but of motif as well.

He likened her to a motif that remained in his life as a melody that haunts the memory.

Listen, there's the Venus motif crossing the Pilgrim's march.

And again the motif of that hackneyed operetta is heard from his lips.

It was the kind of music that Wagner might have liked for a motif.

The extension of the front at each side is formed of a motif and the point.