Motifs [noun]

Definition of Motifs:

central theme

Synonyms of Motifs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Motifs:


Sentence/Example of Motifs:

The motifs of these operas are sentiment, tragedy, and humour.

He worked at an overture which had originated out of the motifs of Bermann's opera.

Then she added, "As I was deprived of the evening, will you not let me hear some of the motifs of the opera?"

But her motifs were now taken from history, not actual life.

The eighteenth century was apparently coquetting only with Eastern motifs.

"The matchless Fuji," first of motifs in his art, admits no pilgrim as its peer.

He contradicted himself by plunging into an exposition of motifs.

It is such a chance, for Frau Burg-Schmidt will explain the motifs to me, and tell me when to look for them.

Without deliberately thinking about it, motifs for love-lyrics began to agitate his brain.

These songs, speaking in general terms, partake more of the character of motifs than of musical compositions.