Motivated [verb]

Definition of Motivated:

stimulate, instigate

Synonyms of Motivated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Motivated:

Sentence/Example of Motivated:

There is no doubt that the mind and heart are motivated in this way.

What had motivated them no one knew, but the colony owed them their lives.

The mob is ever motivated by this logic of negation, and of automatic behavior.

Nellon, because of the purpose which motivated him, had gone along.

It was almost as though she was motivated by some force outside herself.

This man Crawford—and his followers, for that matter—are motivated by high ideals.

Dimly he realized that he was driven by the same dreariness-disease that motivated Brinker.

He put on his outdoor things and left the house, motivated now, for the first time in many hours, with a clear purpose.

Artificial languages are products inspired and motivated by the functioning of our so-called natural language.

Its current development appears to be motivated by a self-perpetuating drive: knowledge for the sake of knowledge.