Motivates [verb]

Definition of Motivates:

stimulate, instigate

Synonyms of Motivates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Motivates:

Sentence/Example of Motivates:

These problems may then motivate you to enter individual therapy.

He had felt it before, but the feeling was strong enough now to motivate action.

Any sort of desire or need, left unsatisfied in the day, may motivate a dream.

The essential thing about value is that it motivate our conduct.

Again, the competitive impulse can often be used to motivate drill.

This is needed to motivate effort and insure right impressions.

Such a case appeals to us especially fitted to motivate the creation of projection formations.

The principle of a law absolutely binding, requires the complete expulsion of the claim of desires to motivate action.

There is no call upon the commonwealth to motivate for the commission of crime, through pyramiding upon clemency that is spurned.

The emphasis is put on positive wants, as causes which guide and motivate industry.