Motivating [verb]

Definition of Motivating:

stimulate, instigate

Synonyms of Motivating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Motivating:

Sentence/Example of Motivating:

Such a task may, therefore, be referred to as the motivating task.

What have been the motivating forces of each of these schools?

That value is greatest which counts for most in motivating activity.

Each of these young lords was to play the part of motivating force to the actions of the other.

We today, looking back upon his efforts, can judge his motivating influences with some degree of surety.

The first of the motivating conditions to seek for our classroom is a prevailing attitude of happiness, good cheer, enjoyment.

But in these earliest days, tobacco and ships to transport it were the motivating forces of the town.

But the novelist, in motivating action, may be more considerate and intellectual, since his appeal is made to the individual mind.

"Demand" is a term which carries the connotation of motivating power in economic theory.

We do not find the motivating power of existing values in the ashes of burnt out desire!