Motivations [noun]

Definition of Motivations:

ambition, inspiration

Opposite/Antonyms of Motivations:

Sentence/Example of Motivations:

They are meaningful only in conjunction with motivations characteristic of this age.

Individual needs and motivations need to be understood in their relation to those of groups.

At the same time, it established and promoted its implicit set of motivations and criteria for evaluation.

This introduces to competition an element of obscurity in the form of motivations not intrinsic to sports.

Rethinking the motivations and methods of legislation, even its legitimacy, are goals worthy of being pursued.

Mass media activity is carried not by its own motivations, but by those of the market, whose locus it becomes.

However, the motivations of a hacker are typically as simple as Im an engineer because I like to design things.

In and of themselves, these materials with which life is filled, these motivations which impel it, are not social in their nature.