Motivator [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Motivator:

That was a lot of work on motivating and understanding kids.

The acquisition was likely motivated by several factors, among them the need to get bigger to better compete with market leader Foursquare.

It can be used to show tangible improvement for users and to motivate a population that can find it hard to exercise regularly.

It is hard to motivate young students who feel their future is already written for them.

Silver’s rally has been motivated by many of the same market factors that have driven gold prices to historic highs this year.

This is an exciting result, because it motivates us to think of other ways to design qubits to get around this problem.

He’s also responsible to manage and motivate the board of directors.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam, meanwhile, is hoping a sense of duty will motivate Hong Kongers to sign up.

“My goal in life may not be easy to achieve, making things better for all, but it is what has motivated all my work for more than 40 years,” Dlugacz told the Blade.

By the Universal Motivator, these predators had eaten a hurkle apiece!