Motley [adjective]

Definition of Motley:

mixed, varied

Opposite/Antonyms of Motley:

Sentence/Example of Motley:

I trust not the varlet with whom I bartered it for my motley.

I mingled with the motley throng, my ears alert for any spoken opinions.

The motley passengers were all sound asleep; no one had been disturbed by the fracas.

Hundreds of them there were, men of all races and planets, a motley crew.

The scene was changed now; the whole room was a mob—“motley the only wear.”

In a little while the streets were alive with motley and noisy crowds.

Only one thing she did, and that against Motley's and her father's protest.

From his station on the steps of the cross he turned and looked after the motley company.

He turned to an attendant, and ordered him to go fetch a suit of motley.

But the odd figure in its motley of red and black continued where it stood.