Motor [noun]

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A few years only back, every Carolinian rode to town, and the motor was unknown.

Much of the efficiency of the motor is due to the form and gearing of the propeller.

For example, there is neither an intake or exhaust manifold on the motor.

If the machine is to be kept afloat the motor must be kept moving.

On Model B a Holmes rotary 7-cylinder motor of 4x4-inch bore and stroke is used.

The motor on the locomotive as a maximum 1½ horse-power when so much is needed.

Meanwhile the motor which passed Newbury and Coryston in the park had sped to its goal.

But when that was over she stepped into her motor with all possible speed.

It was Blake in that ship, and he was alive—or had been—for he had cut his motor.

It might be so heavy that it would carry more current than the motor could stand.