Motorcar [noun]

Definition of Motorcar:

roadster powered by engine

Synonyms of Motorcar:

Opposite/Antonyms of Motorcar:


Sentence/Example of Motorcar:

"It's the American gentleman that owns the motorcar," said Doyle.

He walked, hat in hand, towards the stranger in the motorcar.

As he spoke, the gates were opened and a motorcar drove through.

No farmhouse was in sight to which the motorcar might have gone.

I only borrowed a motorcar while the owners were at lunch; they had no need of it at the time.

They had so many engagements that they were compelled to buy a motorcar and to engage a chauffeur.

They all waved aprons and caps until the motorcar was out of sight.

Has any one met a rich man who denied himself a motorcar to keep a genius?

And sympathy applied to life is like the gasoline in a motorcar, I think.

To pack a man in a trunk and pitch him on the top of a motorcar!