Motored [verb]

Definition of Motored:

carry or be carried

Synonyms of Motored:

Opposite/Antonyms of Motored:

Sentence/Example of Motored:

He got into a panic, and motored back to the Trents', arriving there just before dinner.

I motored over from the camp and stopped at the telegraph office.

I've just motored him up the beach to catch the eleven-fifteen train.

He had motored ever since the early days, and was still an expert driver.

They had motored from Paris to the Riviera, and stayed in Nice.

Motored to the laboratory and spoke about moving to Ireland.

They went thus far south by train, then motored to Liverpool.

Are there any guests at the Hall who motored here, do you know?

There were tears in her eyes as she motored on up through the hills land.

After dinner they motored out to the field where the exhibition was to be given.