Motorized [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Motorized:

The motorized transport had come to a stop in the center of a small village.

Colonel Ibrahim and his motorized column will be isolated in Tamanrasset.

Motorized transport would be better, but the Bulgarians were short of it.

Your motorized units will accompany the advanced section of the Division Supply Train, and will form a part of that train.

There would be a motorized Greek division on the way to take charge of the four-thousand-odd unconscious raiders.

Nor were the swarms of troops climbing into the long lines of motorized Panzer trucks.

He tweezed a wire to a contact and the shell made a motorized sound, a peg sticking out of it began to move rhythmically.

Taking advantage of the situation, I latched my motorized lie detector onto him and began snapping the questions.

She noted that he was the only person in the motorized town who still took long walks.

This was followed by the Motorized Artillery which came out of the woods like a swarm of huge creeping beetles.