Mottled [adjective]

Definition of Mottled:


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Sentence/Example of Mottled:

My first vision over the parapet revealed but a mottled grey.

He looked kind of mottled and anguished, but I guess he'll pull around all right.

His hair was yellowish, mottled with patches of grayish green.

This genus is so called from the mottled appearance of the gills.

The mottled appearance of the gills is due to the falling of the black spores.

The mottled, orange-green stalks, as he watched them, seemed to move.

The under shell is yellow and the upper shell is bordered with mottled red.

Men with drawn, mottled faces, in the last stages of arterio-sclerosis.

The name is French, meaning woven so as to have a mottled effect.

A mottled sky, except that the psi-pattern usually does not change.