Mould [noun]

Definition of Mould:


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Sentence/Example of Mould:

Then he melted the dust and poured the hot liquid into a mould the shape of a blade.

Then like a mass of jelly out of its mould I plopped onto my chair.

You can stand upon the door-step,' said Mould, 'and take a look at him.

Mr Mould and his men had not exaggerated the grandeur of the arrangements.

The partner of his life, and daughters twain, were Mr Mould's companions.

In the meantime cut a sausage in thin slices and line a mould with it.

Under foot the soil was springy with the mould of numberless autumns.

Decorate a greased mould with raisins, and pour the mixture into the mould.

Pour into the mould and bake in a moderate oven for about one hour.

Place them in the mould, and fill it up with stiff second stock.