Mountainous [adjective]

Definition of Mountainous:

hilly; large

Synonyms of Mountainous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mountainous:


Sentence/Example of Mountainous:

But see the facts nearly and these mountainous inequalities vanish.

By land the countries are either desert, mountainous, or strong enemies.

It is mountainous in character and its scenery is most beautiful and picturesque.

They were in time to see the mountainous bulk tumbling into the vast chasm.

Dick looked after her longingly and heaved a mountainous sigh.

In all the mountainous parts, in fact, there are guerillas; but here it is too dangerous.

Like the language of most mountainous people—the Armenians call it Haik.

It is mountainous, and covered with wood to the very summit.

Flat near the coast, the land is mountainous in the interior.

It has been supposed that mountainous countries are the cradles of superstitions.