Mountebanks [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Mountebanks:

It was not of the least use to me that I knew he was not the illustrious general, but simply a mountebank.

If I were a mountebank or a charlatan I would claim that it cures a hundred diseases.

As a mountebank, a juggler, a quack doctor—I spurned the very idea.

Anything less would condemn a man as a fool or a mountebank.

But his natural gift was to be a mountebank, a clown, a circus Hercules.

You must often have had your head against this mountebank jacket of mine.

"So this going about as a mountebank is only a masquerade," she said, with a touch of scorn.

He went into the market and found a mountebank there, which was what he wanted.

I feared the woman had no better thought than to make a mountebank of her child!

It is profane to associate Jeanne's pure and beautiful name with that of a mountebank.