Mournful [adjective]

Definition of Mournful:


Synonyms of Mournful:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mournful:

Sentence/Example of Mournful:

Is not thy tongue a-weary, mournful talker of two centuries?

And yet, when all has been said, we are confronted with a mournful but stubborn fact.

My voice had a faltering, mournful sound, and there was no answer.

Mournful, despondent, half broken-hearted, she resumed her journey.

The villages passed, mournful and solitary under the burning sun.

At least, we think the skeleton is mournful; the skeleton himself does not seem to think so.

The wind too, had increased, and it blew through the trees with a mournful sound.

Sad and mournful are thy ways, Grieving, wailing, Autumn days!

It was the long wolf-howl, full-throated and mournful, the first howl he had ever uttered.

The only melody which pleased me was that of the mournful and touching kind.