Mournfulness [noun]

Definition of Mournfulness:


Opposite/Antonyms of Mournfulness:

Sentence/Example of Mournfulness:

The beauty of the night touched him, and mixed these feelings with mournfulness.

It was the most capricious burden of mournfulness that had ever had its utterance from wo.

I've never believed in mournfulness, and I don't want to see any of it now.

After a little the other came and all the mournfulness went out of the tone.

Our caravan travelled with the mournfulness of a funeral procession.

Where I came, there came heaviness of heart, mournfulness, and weeping.

The mournfulness with which this was uttered seemed genuine.

If you know Versailles you know that it combines all that civilisation has to offer of beauty, magnificence, and mournfulness.

And, oh, the flatness and mournfulness of those chill wastes of snow outside the city!

I pictured myself being found dead in bed, having been extinct for hours and hours, and the mournfulness of it broke me all up.