Mousy [adjective]

Definition of Mousy:

drab; quiet

Synonyms of Mousy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mousy:

Sentence/Example of Mousy:

In the first place, it is likely to have a slight musky or mousy odor about it.

A bat was flying somewhere near—he felt the wind from its mousy wings.

Head and ears were mousy, the neck long, with a hump at its base.

They were kept on plates on sideboards in the sun, or thrust into mousy cupboards.

You have mousy ways and, if you were black, I should say you were a rat.

Baby dear, only look at it wid him pitty, pitty eyes, and him tongue out of his mousy!

The people are charming, and the house is a mousy, ratty, ramshackle place hundreds of years old.

This is the prettiest Cerastium, though not so "mousy" as some, and grows in dry as well as moist situations.

For a mouse is interesting—just as interesting in his mousy ways as a whale in his whalish ways, or a robin in his ways.

She wasn't as developed as she is now, kind of mousy maybe, but you know how those things are—he liked her.