Mouthing [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Mouthing:

The car had passed and he now openly looked after it, mouthing and muttering.

He paced the length of the room and back, mouthing and muttering.

Mouthing his rage, the gorilla flung the earth man to the ground.

Even the old woman in the shadowy corner had ceased her mouthing.

He must not be allowed to get into the way of just mouthing slang and nothing else.

Mrs. Jones went on with her part, mouthing her lines meaninglessly.

The clever servant was mouthing and grimacing in a horrible, grotesque manner.

If you stay, looking black, mouthing together, I can't stand it.

But—there's a sting in some smooth words, for a mouthing Macedonian.

The second man turned, mouthing a stream of what must have been Russian invective.