Movements [noun]

Definition of Movements:

motion, activity

Opposite/Antonyms of Movements:

Sentence/Example of Movements:

That he had reason for his distrust was proved by Ben Haley's movements.

The movements in Copper and Cordage Trust stocks are purely speculative.

The movements of a great nation are connected in all their parts.

Let me know any intelligence you may gain of the enemy's strength or movements.

We must now turn back a little, and follow the movements of Alcidas.

But Brasidas, who had received intelligence of his movements, was too quick for him.

Their cries, their movements, and their natures are similar.

As his hand neared the latch I could see in the dim light that his movements were unsteady.

His movements were graceful and self-possessed, and he had his father's sweetness of voice.

The industry and movements of the rider were not less remarkable than those of the ridden.