Movie [noun]

Definition of Movie:

presentation of action on continuous film

Synonyms of Movie:

Opposite/Antonyms of Movie:


Sentence/Example of Movie:

There is always some stray silver in the bead bag of a movie patron.

I tried to lure my landlady out to a movie, but she thriftily refused.

When Arnold Hatch asked her to go to a movie she shook her head, usually.

Which was just where, like most movie uncles, he overdid the part.

Now if this was a movie play we was dopin' out it would be simple.

"Don't forget the poker fiends and the movie fans," I puts in.

And to think that I really became a movie actress, after all!

"Told the agent to take the car and give 'em a pass to a movie," Boyd said.

The movie satirizes the human being's relation to food and technology.

And I was to have had a ride this afternoon—and ice cream—and maybe a movie.