Movies [noun]

Definition of Movies:

presentation of action on continuous film

Synonyms of Movies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Movies:


Sentence/Example of Movies:

They're going to take No-no home, then we're all going to the movies.

But that's what makes these interplanetary movies great stuff.

Juve-Vagualame and Bobinette left the "movies" hall at half-past ten.

Need the "movies" be the only ones to profit by the animated cartoon?

"It's like some of your changes in the movies," answered Dave, smiling.

Phyllis put her foot in the crack as she had seen villains do in the movies.

They almost insisted upon it that we accompany them into the movies!

But before we could sell them on it, we'd have to show them movies.

We never get thirsty at the movies, or not nearly so thirsty.

At about this point she vanished, bound for Hollywood and the movies.