Mow [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Mow:

What was St. Meuse to me that for her I should mow my hirsute glories?

If the ould Governor's got a tongue like a file, Philip's got a tongue like a scythe—he'll mow them down.

There was hay in the mow and I had brought a bag of oats under the seat of the carriage.

The thrall who had spoken whetted his scythe with it and began to mow.

I would have been looking at it, too, if I hadn't had to mow the lawn and then go to the store.

He asked Li to assign Mow Wang to him, and this request was granted.

Captain Foster turned and left the mow, followed by the owner of the place.

We will go into this adjoining field, which will soon be ready to mow.

He told Nathan he wanted to mow the burial-ground up on the hill that morning.

Bob grinned, made a mow at Mr. Grabman, and scampered up the stairs.