Mowers [noun]

Definition of Mowers:

machine for cutting grass

Synonyms of Mowers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mowers:


Sentence/Example of Mowers:

He could run a mower, and clean a pasture of weeds in a day.

He went after the second ball and found it, knocking it straight at Mower.

Mower was a professional, and a good man when he attended to business.

And Pete dropped the mower and ambled up to the office-door.

The fever spared her, but she wilted like the grass beneath the scythe of the mower.

I discarded pump and hose to move reluctantly toward the mower.

Not a man of the Guard escaped; they fell like grass before the mower.

Then the sound grew fainter as the mower went to the other side of the field.

Do not let the grass get so tall that the mower will not do a good job in cutting it.

The mower had left the grass in heaps so that the sun could reach only the surface.