Much [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Much:

I'm forty-two and not so much of a fool that I ain't a little bit of a physician.

It's much better you didn't recognise us; these boiler explosions are so messy.

"So much the more need that we enshrine her image in our own hearts," rejoined Plato.

Might not the same history be told of much that is believed?

The Athenian slave laws were much more mild than modern codes.

Of all countries in the world, there is none I so much wish to visit as Persia.

It won't be much, but I should like to do it on account of his kindness about the boat.

Now, how much better off should I have been if I had kept my place in the factory?

It would have taken me more than two years to earn as much money as this.

It was a new thing for him to be the custodian of so much treasure.