Mucho [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Mucho:

“Mounseer, you are mucho welcomo to our bertho,” exclaimed Blake.

"Mucho, mucho," sung out Bang, who meant by that that he was much obliged.

When they start the finca there is a feast, mucho talk and drinky.

But Toro showed "mucho fuego" before he was so neatly pierced in the medulla.

Pedro has eyes, señor; an' Pedro, he weesh you ver' mucho luck.

He weesh you so ver' mucho luck that per-rhaps he can get you past those customs.

Big man-of-war come, big canoe, mucho hombres, come up river.

Mucho tiempo h vivan dos jvenes esposos en lugar muy apartado y rstico.

No estuvo all mucho tiempo cuando oy un escandaloso aldabazo.

Bang's "mucho mucho" even failed him, for he had only in his modesty got a thimbleful of brandy to qualify the olla podrida.