Mucilaginous [adjective]

Definition of Mucilaginous:


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Sentence/Example of Mucilaginous:

The qualities of all the plants in this order are mucilaginous.

He only allowed a spare diet of mucilaginous and acid drinks.

When they burst, a white and mucilaginous liquor exuded from them.

Magnesia or its carbonate should be given freely in mucilaginous fluids.

The nests are formed of mucilaginous sea-weeds and have the appearance of isinglass.

The cells are cemented together by a mucilaginous substance.

The expressed juice was not limpid, but thick, mucilaginous and ropy.

Certainly, applied to its subject, it had a mucilaginous consistency.

He mentions the mucilaginous testa possessed by many seeds, but which only becomes noticeable when they have been moistened.

The mucilaginous substance left behind is loosely enclosed by the crumpled cell wall.