Muckraker [noun]

Definition of Muckraker:

mean lady

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Sentence/Example of Muckraker:

And when the term "muckraker" came into use, I remember his deep satisfaction.

For some moments the muckraker considered the statement thoughtfully.

Muckraker: One who sits on the fence and defames American enterprise as it marches by.

It was a relief not to be accepted only as Everett the Muckraker, as a professional reformer, as one holier than others.

A loyal Adopted Son of California, a novelist and muckraker, returned a few years ago to the beloved land of his adoption.

A somewhat similar experiment was concerned with a magazine editor and a life-size mannikin made up to resemble a muckraker.

What a drop for Joe, from what he had been, to this wretched violent little sheet, this muckraker of the ocean world.